Adventure Travel Consultant

My name is Codru and I developed this “Codru Adventure” concept following the experience I gained.

Being, in general, a fan of the action, I did not sit still as a child and I preferred to venture into nature, to roam the mountains, to feel and get to know motorcycles and cars, even the seas. From here was born the whole concept that I bring to you today.

To feel every fall on the motorcycle, every roll by car, every storm at sea, even the free fall from the mountains walls during some climbs, were sensations with a lot of adrenaline for me, but there are things to avoid as much as possible for you . Therefore, I would like to introduce them to you, so that you know how to prevent them.

I believe that having a lifestyle sprinkled with adrenaline does not, of course, hurt safety! I invite you to choose the adventure safely, but also to let the euphoria reach its maximum!

The concept offers on the one hand the chance to accompany us in adventures, but also the possibility to prepare your own adventures.

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