Individually Moto Training


individually motorcycle training



With the idea of preventing risks but also to offer safety and comfort, when you are on your motorcycle, to enjoy the adventure, 2Wheels organizes individual, theoretical and practical training sessions:

– theoretical – which involve discussions and clarifications about your motorcycle but also a correct approach to handling the motorcycle on the road.

– practical – preparing and perfecting a driving style adapted to your own motorcycle, which will give you the possibility to enjoy your adventure on 2 wheels.

Depending on each participant, the trainings extend over several sessions, each session being 2 hours.

The trainings are done only individually, with the mention that you can come accompanied by a friend.

The price of a session is 200 RON. A session also includes theoretical training and practical training, so during the breaks from practical training we relax and discuss various topics and any questions or clarifications that may arise.

The trainings cover but are not limited to:

– knowing your own motorcycle

– the correct approach of a serpentine / curve

– avoiding an obstacle on the direction of travel

– emergency braking

– handling the motorcycle at low and very low speeds

– techniques for handling the motorcycle in the parking lot, including the fallen motorcycle.

– training in the training ground but also on the road (outside the city but also in urban traffic)

We look forward to trying together.

** To cover all the above, we recommend a minimum of 4 sessions and for best results a minimum of 6 sessions.

** We do not offer you any certificate of participation / graduation but we offer you the certainty of a safe relationship with your motorcycle.


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